About Cristian Vogel

Cristian Vogel (founder of NeverEngine Labs™) is a long-term innovator in the composition, mixing and performance of electronic sounds. Spanning over two decades at the vanguard of European electronic music, his work has been acknowledged as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition for stage, club culture and studio. Cristian is passionate about Kyma™ and has been studying the system since 2005.

Full discography.

About Gustav Scholda

Gustav Scholda is an experienced Sound Designer and educated “Tonmeister”. He used to work in audio post-production but in 2013 he discovered his real passion: Kyma. By now he is quite well known for his blog (kymaguy.com) and his spectral processing skills and modules.

Our Mission Statement

The NeverEngine Labs is where Cristian and Gustav are developing a suite of libraries that extend Kyma in the spirit of the core values of Symbolic Sound. We have created a business model to support us during our first year of sustained development.  After that, the Libraries will be available for sale at a fixed price, with clearly written documentation for the future of Kyma (which we hope is a very long one!) . Our model is one which considers the participants as being both micro-funders and highly  creative people.  The experience is designed to feel educational, deep and rewarding at the same time – like Kyma itself.

The NeverEngine Labs™

The NELabs are virtual “Labs” which can be subscribed to on a monthly or annual basis. Each Lab is focused on developing different areas of sound design and composition into a fully grown set of libraries for Kyma 7. Cristian and co-developer Gustav Scholda refine and build these libraries in the Labs, showcasing exclusive source code and prototypes. Subscribers gain inspiring new sounds on a regular basis as well as valuable knowledge about “the Holy Grail of sound design” – Kyma 7.

…study Kyma by ear and by example
…access a growing library of original content
…get inspired by the quality of what you see and hear
…socialise with fellow Kyma practioners


Many of the Kyma designs, and indeed the Labs themselves, are not intended to be fixed in their function or design (like plug-ins or presets are). As a subscriber, you are encouraged to explore the content in any way you want. You will be loosely guided by a change log document, ongoing clearly written guides and descriptions within the Sounds themselves.  We also provide, live communication channels open 24/7 and dedicated to discussion, regular updates and announcements. All in all, subscribing to a NeverEngine Lab means less preformed expectations and more listening, curiosity and discovery.

Like a real-life workshop, interpersonal communication is a big part of the NeverEngine Labs and, as mentioned above, a subscription entitles you to access realtime messaging using the Slack platform. It is a free tool for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Cristian, Gustav and other participants will  be reachable there and you are invited to discuss anything related to the Labs or your own work. Certainly a valuable resource to have, alongside the official Kyma Q&A forums.


About Symbolic Sound Kyma™

Kyma is a sound design language originally invented in 1986 by harpist, composer and music technologist Carla Scaletti as part of research conducted at the University of Illinois for her masters degree in computer science.

Symbolic Sound was formed in 1990 by Carla and hardware designer Kurt Hebel to develop, manufacture and market Kyma. The Kyma sound design language and its custom built hardware was one of the earliest examples of a graphical signal flow language for real time digital audio signal processing.

The Kyma sound design environment continues to develop and evolve with regular updates from Symbolic Sound and has a dedicated community of users at all levels. The current hardware models, called “Pacarana” and “Paca”, are state-of-the-art parallel processors dedicated to high quality computation of digital sound in realtime. Kyma can run across multiple Pacarana and Paca units, allowing for the possibility of creating a supercomputer for sound.

Kyma is being used in sound design for music, education, film, dance, speech and hearing research, computer games and many more fields of professional performance, artistic and academic research.

Cristian Vogel is endorsed by Symbolic Sound™ as a professional Kyma coach.

Symbolic Sound Paca(rana)

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