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“WireFrames” is a modular library of Classes for working with Frame based signal processing in Kyma 7. This product is a 6 month subscription to the Lab shared folder, where we develop the library direct to your desktop.

All WireFrames classes are fully documented.

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What is a Frame?

A Frame in Kyma is essentially a stream of values running at sample rate. Although you could listen to a Frame, its more useful as a way of moving large sets of data around very quickly. In Kyma, the Frame concept primarily exists to carry spectral analysis data generated from a live resynthesis, or preanalysed spectrum file, to be read by an oscillator bank. In this context, each Frame holds both amplitude and frequency information travelling on two channels – each element of data in the frame is called a Track in Framebased DSP.  Spectrum data for an analysis using 512 tracks, intended to be resynthesised by an oscillator bank of up to 512 sine waves, has a Frame length of 512 samples. Therefore one Frame takes only 512 samples of realtime, at the current sample rate, to travel down the wire.


A Frame can move a lot of data, very fast.

During our work in the Spectral Lab (2015-2016) we couldn’t help but notice how efficiently the Pacarana DSP hardware seems to handle this serial data stream –  sample perfect and without any extra cost or sync issues as you go up in sample rate. In fact it gets faster when you run at higher sample rates.
So we came up with an idea to design a  library of Classes which can be applied in a modular way to do more with Frame based signals than just carry spectrum data. So far, we have found some incredible efficiency bumps by thinking about things in Frames at high speed sample rate – which seems to be the Pacarana’s favourite way of working.
This Lab is intended to share what we’ve learned and demonstrate workflows using the library Classes. It will run for approximately 6 months. New sign ups will be closed after three months. We will publish the core Classes and documentation that make up the Wireframes Library, plus really good sound designs made with WireFrames to get you inspired into work with this highly efficient method for handling thousands of data streams at once.

WireFrames brings new possibilities for OSC signal processing and modification, stochastic synthesis, complex dynamic systems, algorithmic sequencers, higher order ambisonics and probably a lot more yet to be discovered. And of course, the library is perfect for modifying realtime spectral data frames in radical new ways, all before the resynthesis stage – keeping things very efficient.

If you need help signing up don’t hesitate to write to us using the contact form.

WireFrames modified Spectrum data

WireFrames FrameShaper

WireFrames to OSC data

WF Stochastic Oscillators

Morphing memorised Frame states

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Change Log Text

A file documenting all the work we are publishing to the Lab subscribers

Demo made with WireFrames TrackDelay  used as a spectral delay on a single looping sample with partial delay times controlled by WireFrames CurvilinearRamp frameshaper
Demo of an easy to use spectral delay module from the MadeWithWireFrames folder, custom classes that have been designed with the WireFrames library and encapsulated for easy use in your Kyma designs.
Demo made with WireFrames TrackMasking module altering the spectrum of a 3D Printer recording (source audio by USO )


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