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What is WireFrames?

A library for frame based DSP in Kyma

A powerful library of modules which work together to open a new approach for signal processing in Kyma.  Expand your possibilities and your mind with new workflows and concepts.  Includes more than 80 new prototypes with full documentation and examples.

WireFrames v1.0 Documentation

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What is WireFrames?

A library for frame based DSP in Kyma

WireFrames is a collection of encapsulated Kyma Sounds ( Classes ) and Examples. The Classes have been designed to work together, with shared key concepts, in order to allow a user to explore an advanced method of signal programming in Kyma.

The WireFrames library can be powerful and efficient but it requires the user to learn an alternative approach to Kyma programming. In this approach, we don’t work with Capytalk scripting that much (although you can still use Capytalk everywhere in our Classes).

The bulk of WireFrames programming is done by manipulating the values of individual samples directly inside the signal processor – the Wire.

To do this, we define a container to hold a fixed length of sample points – the Frame.

The WireFrames library is the core technology behind our NEL FFT Suite 2017  and forthcoming GrainFrame product which is currently in development.

Why use WireFrames?

If you want to process the Frames generated by Kyma’s Spectrum Analysis Classes or FFT, before the resynthesis stage, then WireFrames is pretty much essential.

If you are interested to learn an alternative way of thinking about realtime signal processing, by manipulating samples directly at a low level without using high level scripting.

If you are interested in using audio data itself as a kind of audio programming method.

If you are looking for ways to process large arrays of values in realtime with sample accurate 32 bit precision, and very fast. The best example of this application is when working with ‘double wire’ streams generated by Kyma’s Spectrum analysis prototypes but there may also be applications for big data processing from controllers or other mass data streams.

If you are curious about what kind of music, sound or controller designs might emerge from  the WireFrames approach to programming DSP.


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