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PROK Modular Preset Pack

The PROK Modular drums are DIY kits that contain powerful  real-time drum synthesis algorithms implemented on Teensy microcontroller. A virtual space of presets, designed using a desktop software editor,  can then be morphed in realtime under Voltage control in a Eurorack modular system. PROK designed an amazingly powerful system in an efficient package. I was commissioned to create a full set of presets for each one of the percussion modules, which was a lot of fun. They are available for free at

An Evening of Spatialised Electronic Music
Curated by Cristian Vogel
Hosted by EAU

Oslo, December 5th 2018

Featuring pieces by Jonathan Harvey, Cristian Vogel, Koenraad Ecker, SØS Gunvver Ryberg, Tine Surel Lange, Anders Tveit, BANREI.

Read the full program here

Agnete & The Merman Film Release

* * *Official Selection* * *
Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017

Render International Music Video Festival 2017
ZKM InSonic Immersive Futures 2017

This feature length music film is an adaptation of an immersive sonic theatre piece created by the composer Cristian Vogel. The story is loosely based on a Scandinavian supernatural folk ballad of the same title. In the staged version, the actors and audience were immersed in the music as it played through a 24 channel Funktion-One sound system set up in a theatre in Aarhus, Denmark.

8th December, ZKM Kubus, Karlsruhe.

48 speaker screening of »Agnete & The Merman« by Cristian Vogel & The Automatic Message. The piece was developed as a performance for 3D audio by an international group of artists and technicians under Vogel’s management and premiered in the middle of 2017 in Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017. As part of »inSonic2017: Immersive Future«, Cristian Vogel & The Automatic Message is exhibiting a fixed media version of the piece for video and multi-channel audio.

Cristian Vogel was interviewed by Darwin Grosse for his Art+Music+Technology podcast series. Be sure to also check out Darwin’s Podcast 132 interview with creator of Kyma, Carla Scaletti

NeverEngine Labs founder, Cristian Vogel, premieres his spatial sound performance at  Aarhus European Capital of Culture, June 18/19/20th 2017. Official tech partners include Symbolic Sound, Funktion-One, Sonible and Sonic Emotions. Read more at the official webpage.

Short tutorial example demonstrating how simple it is to setup NeverEngine Labs SendOSC to automate Reaper DAW from Kyma Timeline.

THOTH video game soundtrack

SGR^CAV created this awesome soundtrack to accompany their sound design work on the cult twin stick shooter THOTH. They used digital wavetable synth sounds from the SignalSymbol Lab to create what Rolling Stone magazine said “sounds much closer to Metal Machine Music than Millipede

KISS2016 Presentation

The Complexity Lab was launched in July 2015. It ran for one year developing advanced sound designs exclusively for Kyma. We focussed on one of the most powerful areas of Kyma – the algorithmic construction of complex signal flows using Replicators, Scripts and Frames. The entire archive is now available to non-subscribers as a gallery at a fixed price.

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Malcolm Braff's Time Index Groove

Professor Braff’s advanced groove computation modules were co-developed at the Rhythmic Computation Lab by Malcolm Braff, Gustav Scholda and Cristian Vogel. A suite of Kyma Classes which combine in a modular way to calculate groove and pulse according to Professor Braff’s rhythm theory.

Spectral Processing Basics Webcast

Earlier this year Gustav made a live broadcast covering some of the basic concepts of spectral frame data processing behind his SPCSR Volume One.