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So much spectral processing power to morph your input into unrecognisable sounds. Keep up the great workGeoff H

Been a fan of Cristian's work since day one. His music has always been forward thinking, unique and cutting edge.Richard Devine

Such a deep rabbit hole of exploration!cebec

Cristian employs Kyma to achieve his signature far-afield timbral explorations.Carla Scaletti

Wow!! StemPrinter is a game changer in Kyma programming.Luis A

They’re making their tools your toolsCreateDigitalMusic

  1. TwoSpectralSwarmDynamicsPitchSpaced 0:59
  2. NeverEngineLabsComplexityLabExample01 1:05
  3. NeverEngineLabsComplexityLabExample02 1:08
  4. NeverEngineLabsComplexityLabExample03 1:08
  5. NeverEngineLabsComplexityLabExample04 1:08
  6. NeverEngineLabsComplexityLabExample05 1:16
  7. Noise Terrain Example 1:25

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