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About Cristian Vogel

Cristian Vogel   is the guy behind NeverEngine Labs™. He is a long-term innovator in the composition, mixing and performance of electronic sounds. Spanning over 25 years working at the vanguard of European electronic music, his work has been acknowledged as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition for stage, club culture and studio. Alongside his artistic achievements, Cristian is passionate about Kyma™ and has been teaching synthesis and audio expertise using the system since 2005.

Software for Kyma™

Our creative audio software for the Kyma system is not necessarily intended to be fixed in function or design (like plug-ins or presets are). You are encouraged to explore the modular content in any way you want. Everything is fully documented, and we also provide support for our products with private live communication channels open 24/7 and dedicated to Kyma discussion, regular updates and announcements. The NeverEngineers and other Kyma users are reachable there and you are invited to discuss anything related to our software and designs. Certainly a valuable resource to have, alongside the official Kyma Q&A forums.

About Symbolic Sound Kyma™

Kyma is a sound design language originally invented in 1986 by harpist, composer and music technologist Carla Scaletti as part of research conducted at the University of Illinois for her masters degree in computer science.

Symbolic Sound was formed in 1990 by Carla and hardware designer Kurt Hebel to develop, manufacture and market Kyma. The Kyma sound design language and its custom built hardware was one of the earliest examples of a graphical signal flow language for real time digital audio signal processing.

The Kyma sound design environment continues to develop and evolve with regular updates from Symbolic Sound and has a dedicated community of users at all levels. The current hardware models, called “Pacarana” and “Paca”, are state-of-the-art parallel processors dedicated to high quality computation of digital sound in realtime. Kyma can run across multiple Pacarana and Paca units, allowing for the possibility of creating a supercomputer for sound.

Kyma is being used in sound design for music, education, film, dance, speech and hearing research, computer games and many more fields of professional performance, artistic and academic research.

Cristian Vogel is endorsed by Symbolic Sound™ as professional Kyma consulant. Contact us if you would like to discuss more.

Symbolic Sound Paca(rana)

Cristian Vogel was interviewd by Darwin Grosse for his Art+Music+Technology podcast series.
Be sure to also check out Podcast 132 interview with creator of Kyma, Carla Scaletti
NeverEngine Labs founder, Cristian Vogel, premieres his spatial sound performance at  Aarhus European Capital of Culture, June 18/19/20th 2017. Official tech partners include Symbolic Sound, Funktion-One, Sonible and Sonic Emotions. Read more at the official webpage.

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