March 2015

One hour interview with Cristian Vogel

“He’s a two-decade veteran of labels like Mille Plateaux, Tresor and NovaMute, but that won’t get you any closer to pinning down Cristian Vogel. From fiery rave tracks to deeply experimental electronic explorations to something resembling pop (in the form of Super_Collider, his collaboration with Jamie Lidell), Vogel has been a musical shapeshifter over countless albums, EPs and aliases. Polyphonic Beings, which has just been released via Shitkatapult, is his latest evolution. It’s heavy, appealingly strange and a wholly unique statement for 2014.

In conversation with Holly Dicker at our Berlin office recently, he gave the sense that the care he puts into his productions and compositions is meant to help them stick around longer than a particular place and time.

They touched on his latest musical turn and his personal and artistic history, one which winds through Chile, Barcelona, the University Of Sussex and Prenzlauer Berg, to name just a few.” – Resident Advisor (November 2014)



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