Powerful Granulation for Kyma

After three years research and development – and just in time for the 30 year anniversary of Symbolic Sound the company who make Kyma™ – we are proud to announce a new realtime release for the platform, designed and programmed by award winning composer Cristian Vogel.

Available now.

About GrainFrame

GrainFrame is a powerful granulation Class for Kyma.

GrainFrame combines Kyma’s unmatched digital audio processing with a deep understanding of micro-sound composition and advanced signal domain programming to create an impressive music tool of our times, aimed at professional sound designers, composers and academic faculties using Kyma.

〇 Sound Designers

The GrainFrame can take any kind of audio source or live input and generate powerful crunching, animal, rustling, engine, metal and many more un-describable sounds and ambiences for your game or film. All in stereo or up to 8 independent channels for further surround mixing.

〇 Composers

The GrainFrame might surpass your expectations about sample granulation. Micro-rhythms will surprise and inspire; an abundance of microsonic harmony and waveforms will emerge from the tiniest moments of source audio. Think past the conventional ‘clouds’ ; express the emotional roughness of our times with ‘rubble’ , ‘particles’ and ‘glissons’. Quickly master all the intuitive parameters to perform concerts of realtime granulation for live instruments or sampled material.

Available now.

As always with NeverEngine Labs products, GrainFrame features detailed inline help and beautifully designed Kyma Virtual Control Surfaces for inspired study and engaging musical immersion. We also provide excellent source audio for initial explorations, but encourage further explorations – easily switch to live processing, add any number of your own grain envelopes, source audio and CapyTalk.

GrainFrame is fully compatible with Kyma Grids, Timelines and Paca(rana).

If you don’t have a Kyma system — we are preparing our first sound pack release – The NeverEngines – mechanical sci-fi sounds, made entirely with GrainFrame — coming soon!

  1. Vogel_GrainFrame_MicroRhythms 2:05
  2. ElectroAcousticGamelan Cristian Vogel 0:34
  3. GrainFrameRC⑩_demo Cristian Vogel 2:07
  4. glissonsBCstyle Cristi 1:32
  5. Attack+Decay_PerGrainStream_RC10 Cristian 0:32
  6. Vogel_GrainFrame_GlissonGrid 1:34

GrainFrame User Guide

Creative Technical Writing

Screenshot 2020-05-27 23.40.38
ElectroAcousticGamelan VCS

𝌺 Licensed Users

Exclusive bonus for NEL licensed subscribers! A unique GrainFrame version which generates fascinating struck metal sounds using no input source and formant bank resynthesis.