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In the Spectral Lab we will focus on custom designed resynthesis techiques that elaborate on research conducted in the Complexity Lab and expand the potential of the low level prototypes that form the Spectral SR Volume One pack. Combining exclusive content  with novel spectral analysis and modification techniques, the Lab is developing the next level for Spectral composition and sound design – exclusively for Kyma 7.

By subscribing to the Spectral Lab, you get

  • 25% discount on the purchase of Spectral SR Volume One
  • Kyma content exclusively designed by Cristian Vogel and Gustav Scholda
  • license to use all sounds and source material in your work
  • automatic updates and additions to the Lab
  • access to the Lab chat channels on your phone or desktop
  •  ‘mist(C90) included for free


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Many would agree that spectral analysis and resynthesis has always been one of the most compelling reasons for using Kyma. As one of the earliest systems capable of realtime analysis and resynthesis, the maturity and refinement of Kyma’s native spectral analysis capabilities cannot be under-estimated.

We are some of the few people outside of Symbolic Sound HQ who have dedicated many hours of their time to exploring the full potential of what Kyma can do in this field. We are especially focussed on the following three stages of spectral resynthesis rather than spectral analysis (which is already incredibly well implemented in Kyma 7).

• the modification and modulation of audio rate Spectral Frame data streams
• the modification of time index functions for navigating those streams
• the modification of the banks used to resynthesise the Spectral Frame data back into the time domain.

The Spectral Lab presents our research in the form of Classes and Sound examples which you can listen to, be productive with and learn from as you work with Kyma 7. Our work is largely experimental, and is not intended to substitute the excellent Kyma spectral processing native prototypes. Rather, we hope to extend them into new territories for Sound Design in the 21st Century.


Welcome to the Spectral Lab my friends.

Here we are working on processes which transform sounds into spirits.
We emancipate sounds from the chains which bind them to time.
Once they float free we study them.
We study them when they have no dimensions. When they no longer exist in time.
But of course, my friends – we are Composers and they are Spectra – it is in our nature to want to bring them back.
So, we must learn how to leave the time domain too and float amongst them.
We will discover their intransigent qualities. We will feel their shadowy tones.
Then – and only then –  are we able to select and mix essences, smear and stretch colours and finally –
To coax these ephemeral signals back.
That they may manifest once more in our time – but as a myriad of new forms.

Yes my friends – if you dare to participate in the Spectral Lab – you will transform and be transformed.

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By subscribing to the Spectral Lab, you get

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