Kyma Capsules: ZDF Filters

Filter Prototypes For Kyma 7

Custom designed, simple to use and easy to understand. These designs will be useful and inspiring additions to your Kyma prototype collection. They have been carefully programmed and tested by highly experienced Kyma programmers. They all come fully documented inside the Kyma environment with custom wavetables and samples included. The encapsulations are very efficient, so they run on Paca and Pacarana…. oh, and they sound amazing! Bring your own sonic touch and take it to the next level.

“These filters will keep you on the run” – Johannes Regnier

“ZDF drones headed your way” – Cristian Vogel

Multimode Filter -2D Morphing (LP to HP to BP to Notch example)
Multimode Filter – 2D Morphing – Drones
Tubular Bells (Resonator in Ring Modulator).mp3

Suggested price: $94,94

Suggested price: $94,94

Minimum price: $47,47

About Kyma Capsules: ZDF Filters

Filter Prototypes For Kyma 7

Second pack in the series of easy to use, encapsulated Classes and examples for extending your Kyma prototypes. We are proud to present the ZDF Filter pack! Design and Programming by Johannes Regnier and Cristian Vogel for NeverEngine Labs.

The collection is all about Zero Delay Feedback filter algorithms. ZDF filters are designed by carefully calibrating a network of internal gain and feedback structures to construct a wide range of great sounding self-oscillating filters. The filters are all very high quality, stable, stereo, efficient and with a lot of character.

They can be used as regular colouring filters and EQs but also in the recombinant Kyma-style to invent really innovative effects. Explore sample-rate resonance and frequency modulation, or fast modulating morphing filter types all in true stereo. There’s plenty of new Sounds to explore.

As a bonus to the core prototypes, we’ve added some really nice examples that are great sound processors in themselves – and will inspire you to use filters in a way you might not have considered before.

All Classes are fully tested on Paca and Pacarana.

28 New Classes


Examples included

ZDF examples
  • Filters

  • ZDFStateVariableFilter
  • ZDFMorphingMultiModeFilter
  • ZDFMorphingMultiModeFilter2D
  • ZDFMoogLadderLPF
  • ZDFKorg
  • ZDF1PoleLP
  • ZDF1PoleHP
  • ZDF1PoleLPHP
  • ZDF2PoleLP
  • ZDF2PoleHP
  • ZDF2PoleBP
  • ZDFVocalFilter
  • ZDF2PoleAP-sr
  • ZDF2PoleAP-cp
  • ZDFPeakEQ
  • ZDFNotchEQ
  • ZDFBandShelfEQ
  • ZDFAllPassEQ
  • ZDF5BandParametricEQ
  • Resonators

  • ZDFResonatorBank
  • ZDF8PolePhaser
  • ZDF2PoleBP-optimised
  • DattorroPlateReverb
  • Extras

  • NELSuperSaw
  • NELSuperSawAntiAlias
  • Stereo1stOrderSmoothing
  • FBInputSilent
  • MatchedStereoDelay