NEL FFT Suite 2017

This is the FFT modular suite that we published in 2017. It is more modular than the 2019 Spectral Suite which is more like a spectral instrument and has a different sound quality. Both packages are equally useful in their own right, and although they have the FFT analysis and resynthesis in common, they can produce a substantially different range of resulting sound.

Suggested price: 350,00

Suggested price: 350,00

Minimum price: 150,00

About NEL FFT Suite 2017

NEL FFT Suite Processors

The NEL FFT Suite consists of 9 processors and 22 sound design examples that all use advanced FFT techniques to shift, smear and blur audio at high quality and in realtime. The processors were designed by Cristian Vogel and Gustav Scholda using their new WireFrames library.

The Fast Fourier Transform is a computationally efficient Fourier Transform used widely in signal processing, though not always in a creative way. In Kyma there is one core prototype which takes an input from the time domain and produces an output signal in the frequency domain or vice versa – the core prototype is simply called FFT.

We began there but but went on to add our unique brand of special processing techniques made possible by our years of experience programming in Kyma. The processors in the FFT Suite all work by manipulating the phases and magnitudes of a complex signal in the frequency domain after it has been analysed but before it has been transformed back to the time domain – all in realtime and highly efficiently. We have encapsulated our favourite treatments as user friendly custom Classes that will help you generate a new level of quality sound design from any given source.

Evolving soundscapes, colourful transformations and deep wide symphonic blurs, sounding better than any spectral processors you might have heard so far in Kyma. And because our processors are so efficient, you will have plenty of DSP room left to wire them up to create amazing sound designs in Kyma.

Included, as always with our products – painstakingly crafted VCS designs and layouts, innovative sound design examples and full and detailed documentation is included, as well as some original sample material to work with. Email support is also included at no extra cost.

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21 Sound Design examples included