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Wow!! StemPrinter is a game changer in Kyma programming.
Luis Aly
Stem printing is the new 3D printing.

Massive productivity boost!
SØS Gunver Ryberg


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You can have your cookie...and eat it!

'Real-Time' and 'Reel-Time' workflows

The StemPrinter workflow helps bridge the gap between the way you create music when improvising in realtime – jamming on a Kyma VCS or on your modular synth – and the way you compose music in your DAW – making edit decisions with audio clips on a timeline.

Using the StemPrinter inserts (in stereo or mono)  you can route from any point in a Kyma sound design to stereo or mono StemPrinters. The StemPrinter Class will render stems direct to disk – and perfectly in sync with your internal BPM or in sync with an external pulse clock from your modular synth.

You can decide on the fly how long you want each punch-in to be in bars and beats – then just hit the the Print button when things are sounding good. The StemPrinter will transparently punch in for exactly the right duration. Automatic filenaming and optional punch point marking is automatically handled.

For example, jam for 30 minutes, punch Print whenever it feels good and you’ll end up with a nicely edited multitrack montage that takes only 10 minutes to listen back to and features all the best bits! This method makes it much more convenient to assess the compositional usefulness of a long improvisation, and then lets you continue with non-realtime sound design using the tempo syncronised stems in your DAW.

Overall, the StemPrinter system and workflow enables you to commit to broad edit decisions (“reel-time”) whilst you are performing a sound in “real-time” . It’s equivalent to the film technique known as ‘in-camera editing’ – famously practiced by director Michel Gondry or the DOGME95.

Break the 8 Channel Limit

Render to disk with more than Kyma's standard limit of eight outputs!*

Its easy to put inserts around your signal flow – the system is light on DSP. So you might want to put an insert to render before a delay effect – and also one after it. You might want to render what went into a grain cloud as well as what came out. The results will be syncronised stems – useful assets for spatial sound composition and studio mixing board work.

You can even use multiple StemPrinters for rendering mixed Stereo or Mono stems from a jam or for rendering with different beat lengths on the fly, for interesting experimental edits.

As with all NeverEngine Labs products for Kyma, the Classes are fully documented internally – and there’s cookies!

StemPrinter. Designed by Cristian Vogel for NeverEngine Labs

This audio example was stem printed live in Kyma running Jon Bellona’s BeatRepeat patch. The demo you hear was quickly mixed in Reaper DAW with a  few VST effects.


This microcomposition example is the result of  3 minutes captured with the zerocrossing stem recorder


Reel-TIme workflow example

(*) Please note Firewire bus and hard disk speed will affect performance across different setups

(*) ‘Cookie Monster’ is a trademark of Sesame Street Workshop

Stem Printer v1.0 User Guide

Wow!! StemPrinter is a game changer in Kyma programming.
Luis Aly


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