StemPrinter Tools

Complete set of Classes which automate the process of adding multiple disk recorders in a Kyma signal graph. This allows a user to capture ‘stems’ to disk  punching in from different points in the signal graph. Recombine your cookies later in DAW, back inside Kyma, live on stage or anything else you can come up with!

Suggested price: 80,00

Suggested price: 80,00

Minimum price: 35,00

About StemPrinter Tools

Mix Real-Time and Reel-Time Workflows

Grab the cookies!

Insert ‘Sends’ anywhere in the signal graph, for example before  and after a processing effect so you can grab what went in and what came out. The recorders can be beat sync’d which is great for capturing  in bars and beats.

  1. StemPrinter - Zero Crossing Demo Cristian Vogel 1:01
  2. Stemprinter - BPM Demo Cristian Vogel 1:11
Reel-TIme workflow example

StemPrinter prints single sample ‘punch points’ on disk alongside the stem files, which you can use to get a ‘map’ of where and when punch points happened the during real-time session. Download a Reaper Action that places project Markers on Stem Printer punch files!

(*) Please note Firewire bus and hard disk speed will affect performance across different setups

(*) ‘Cookie Monster’ is a trademark of Sesame Street Workshop

Stem Printer v1.0 User Guide