Rhythmic Computation Lab 2018 (CLOSED)

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  • exclusive sound design by Kyma expert Cristian Vogel
  • a growing archive of original Kyma sounds and samples to use and learn from
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  • keep everything even after the Lab has finished updating
  • all designs run on Paca and Pacarana
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  • all content of Rhythmic Comp Lab 2015 as bundle option
  • Requirements:
    Symbolic Sound Kyma 7 w/Paca or Pacarana hardware
    A DropBox account

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The Rhythmic Computation Lab explores creative approaches to working with rhythm in Symbolic Sound Kyma 7.

I design custom Classes to use as core prototypes and publish example implementations around them, bringing in other parts of Kyma, and other NeverEngine Labs custom Classes - These tools will give you inspiring new approaches to advanced rhythm modulation and generation.

This year we focus in the lab on an encapsulated Class I have been designing for quite some time now. Its called the NeverEngine Labs GlobalSequencer ( GlobSeq for short ). It is a complex global event sequencer, with a custom grammar and syntax interpreter, that lets you quickly create highly complex rhythmic structures with ease and simplicity. It has been designed to integrate well with external hardware, both CV and MIDI. GlobSeq harnesses Kyma's powerful CapyTalk event driven language and SmallTalk interpreter to create a unique Kyma-specific sequencer design that will become an essential tool in your realtime rhythmic programming for composition and performance.

You will learn how to work with CapyTalk and SmallTalk scripting, as you program the GlobSeq. This will help improve your understanding of scripted programming Kyma as well as opening up new ways to control Kyma Sounds and external hardware.

Full documentation is provided within all new Class prototypes and example KYM's containing design ideas, inspiration for sound design and time saving Visual Control Surfaces.

NELabs Global Step Sequencer

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