Spectral SR Volume One

NeverEngine Labs™ is proud to present 33 new modules for the Kyma™ Seven sound specification language. NeverEngineer and Kyma xpert, Gustav Scholda, has spent over a year developing this suite which manages to extend Kyma’s already amazing spectral resynthesis and modification capabilities to new heights using Frame data transformations. The Sounds are presented as  a suite of modules with original artwork designed for each class by Cristian Vogel. Every algorithm has been carefully encapsulated and annotated with clear explanations – you will find spectral processes which have never been seen before, such as Simulated Annealing and Holt-Winters Smoothing. To do such advanced signal processing means working on every sample of every analysis frame and to help you do that,  you will also find feature extraction tools – which remain sample accurate up to 192khz. All in all this is an essential suite of tools for all Kyma Seven users wishing to explore advanced techniques for the realtime modification of spectral frame data.

Read a detailed PDF about SPCSR Volume One here

Compatible with Paca and Pacarana hardware. Requires Kyma 7.

Suggested price: 80,00

Suggested price: 80,00

Minimum price: 30,00

About Spectral SR Volume One

Audio Examples

Extract Formants w/Granular Reverb
Live Input Time Stretch
Extract Non-Harmonic Formants w/Granular Reverb
Centroid Smearing Stretch