Spectral Suite

Spectral Suite is a suite of 12 fully paramaterised stereo spectral processors which can all run simultaneously on Pacarana and Paca*. With the Spectral Suite it is possible to generate a vast range of high quality, atmospheric, complex and evolving sounds from virtually any audio source.

The Spectral Suite takes input from samples, other Kyma Sounds or any other audio source in realtime.  It can also stretch spectra that have been written to disk using our included tool. With full control of over 80 parameters,  it is now possible to sculpt, stretch and blur any source into completely new forms of high quality sound. Exclusively available for only the highest quality realtime digital audio platform – the Symbolic Sound Kyma system.  Combine the power of Kyma with carefully programmed processing and interface design from the NeverEngine Labs founder and prize winning sound designer – Cristian Vogel.  And you’ve got the Spectral Suite…

Suggested price: 350,00

Suggested price: 350,00

Minimum price: 200,00

About Spectral Suite

Spectral Suite is for all composers and sound designers using Kyma who wish to push their system into the outer limits of spectral audio processing. Ideal for generating atmospheric textures, soundscapes, voice processing, foley manipulations and so much more.

As well as the main SpectralSuite_Realtime class, we also provide the necessary tool for rendering an FFT analysis to disk. The AnalysisToDisk pre-renders FFT files to disk so that audio can be stretched and warped in ways that are simply not possible in realtime. To achieve this, a special version of the Spectral Suite  is included that is specially designed specifically for extreme time warping.

Like all NeverEngineLabs products for Kyma, full documentation is provided both inline inside Kyma and offline as digital manuals. There’s also some really cool source audio to start with, including a beautiful piano loop that has been generously provided by the Norwegian pianist Jan Gunnar Hoff who was blown away when he heard what the Spectral Suite could do with 15 seconds of his piano playing.

There’s also a bunch of example builds to get you started –  no extra programming is needed!  And as a final treat, Cristian Vogel has included a unique stand-alone spectral delay Class called TrackDelays – highly efficient and sounding like nothing else out there.

* Paca users can run the FULL suite in MONO .  Partial versions of the suite are provided for Paca users who wish to work in Stereo.

Audio Examples

Morph from 808 beat into emergent rainforest ( see this article to find out more about this sound design)
‘Crystal Wheels’ – realtime improvised composition by Cristian Vogel using only Spectral Suite

More examples coming soon…

Geoff H sent in a realtime jam using Spectral Suite

Spectral Suite Analysis to Disk

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