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Licensing, Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions  state that all rights related to our software designs, programming, logos, graphic design, audio source material and technical writing published at www.neverenginelabs.com are owned exclusively by:

Lybækgade 5

NeverEngine Labs is a Danish VAT registered company CVR: 39946289

All Kyma users are licensed to use the host Kyma software environment from Symbolic Sound upon purchase and installation of Kyma. Read the Kyma EULA online.

Our creative software is designed with and can only be used with a licensed Kyma environment. We adhere to the Symbolic Sound Terms & Conditions. We are not affiliated to Symbolic Sound in any way.

Copyright Control

All copyrighted intellectual property including original sound design, signal graph design, graphic design, technical writing and audio assets published by NeverEngine Labs in the form of Galleries, Suites, Prototypes or other are licensed from original authors and collaborators according to a private agreement between relevant parties. We do not allow the reverse engineering, re-use, re-branding or re-packaging of any of our published content in any form which has not been explicitly agreed according to third party licensing  with NeverEngine Labs.


Usage Rights

Use of our products, designs and other software concepts for the derivation of new audio material or other signal based material is **fully** permitted for personal or commercial use under the correct user licensing arrangement – either **Single** or** Multi User** Licensing should be in place. Please review your current licensing of our products as set out below.

Academic researchers and authors are permitted to document and reference all our published work, with the correct attribution ( author name, product name, publisher )

In the special case that a NeverEngine Labs Kyma sound design, signal processing algorithm, audio file asset or interface design is to be integrated into or become the basis of further cross platform **or** Kyma based development or research then a special licensing agreement must be in place to cover potential copyright infringement. Please contact us directly to discuss your project and we will try to find the best way forward.

Any questions, please contact us

Is Your Current Licensing right?

If you have purchased NeverEngineLabs products before December 2019 then it is important to review your current situation, as no licenses were issued until then.

Please read the information below and take some time to issue yourself the correct licensing using the License product page. Here are 7 reasons why your NeverEngine Labs Kyma Sound collection licensing requirements may have changed:

1. You now have multiple Kyma workstations or a team of sound designers, faculty or students
2. Your audio team or student / faculty use has grown
3. Sounds are stored on a company or university network/server
4. You only have single-user licenses (but the sounds are used by several people)
5. Your sound collection has been compiled over many years, with no clear licensing overview
6. Personal, contractor, student or company collections are shared
7. No licensing exists, or license documentation is missing

NeverEngine Labs Single & Multi-User Definitions

Based on NeverEngine Labs 2019 multi-user terms (other companies may have different definitions)

Single User License

A single user license is the default license to cover all NeverEngineLabs products – retroactive and future purchase.

This license is correct in the case of;
– a freelancer working on their own
– a company or faculty with 1 Kyma workstation used by 1 individual

If you have purchased NeverEngineLabs products before December 2019 and still qualify as a Single User, then please take the time to get a license at the Licenses page. You will receive the licenses to your user account.

Multi User License

In the case of;
– multiple workstations or a team of sound designers/faculty/students
– and/or a server or file directory that can be accessed by multiple users

then one or more Multi User Licenses are required.

– each Kyma workstation needs a Multi User Licenses
– a valid Multi User License covers all NeverEngine Labs products
– a Multi User License is valid for 12 months and must be renewed if the products are still being used

This is the basic multi-user licensing setup at NeverEngine Labs.
If you have a multi-user use case related to sounds from NeverEngineLabs which does not fit with the one above, do get in touch and we’ll find a solution.

Why Multi User Licensing Matters

– Correct licensing protects your team, company, students, content and products
– Supports independent sound designers and the Kyma Sound community
– Small cost compared to potential risks (product withdrawal, damages, retroactive license payments & more)

How to review and clear your existing collection

– Get an overview of your NeverEngine Labs assets
– Determine if you need one or more Multi User Licenses or if you need Single User Licenses for** previously purchased products**
– If you have purchased NeverEngineLabs products before December 2019 and still qualify as a Single User, then please take the time to register each product at the License page. You will receive the licenses to your user account.
– In case of any issues or questions, contact NeverEngineLabs

Contractors, Teachers, Students and multi-user licensing:

– If in doubt, ask contractors or teachers for licensing documentation
– Avoid mixing up contractor, individual and company collections
– Get multiuser licenses for contractor’s collection if used by your team or faculty

Have your needs changed?

How to update current single user licenses to multi-user licenses on NeverEngineLabs

* Go to www.neverenginelabs.com/
* Buy as many licenses as needed ( see above )

How to do it right, going forward

• Inform your team and organization on the importance of multi-user licensing
• Make sure to get the proper number of Multi User Licenses


This license system is based on advice by www.soundlister.com  and the Danish Composers Society

NeverEngineLabs Lybækgade 5 Copenhagen Denmark CVR: 39946289
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Kyma™ is a registered trademark of Symbolic Sound Corporation
NeverEngineLabs is not affiliated with Symbolic Sound Corporation in any way

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